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Get the right support for your sign.

You’ve got your handsome new sign in the mail – and now you just need some place to put it. It’s usually against the law to hang signs on public property like telephone poles, and bolting them to a wall or fence limits your placement options. You need a top-quality signpost to make your signage safe and attractive.

If you think about it, you’ll realize we ask a lot of our signage—that it be clearly seen, durable, safe, and reasonably easy to install and repair. Most of those factors depend more on the post than the sign itself. In these pages, you’ll learn about the range of quality signpost options available, life-saving new post technology, and tips for installation.

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Medical Sign Posts  
You may have seen a bent or vandalized signpost on occasion, but chances are these were cheap or just old – contemporary signposts are made from either 63 or 80 mil metal, which results in a very heavy post. Whether galvanized steel or enamel-encased steel, sexy dresses your signpost will generally last for longer than the sign that’s attached to it, typically well over 15-20 years (although of course, conditions like wind or saltwater can affect lifespan). For items like no parking signs, or indeed most purposes, 8-foot signs are the norm, and it’s a good thing, too; ten-foot signposts cost far more to transport because companies like UPS and FedEx refuse to ship anything longer than 8 feet.

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No Parking Sign Posts  
Lucky for you, installing a signpost is easier than ever before. Gone are the toilsome days when, to install a sign, workers would dig a deep hole, plant the sign, refill the area with packed dirt or concrete, and pound the signpost in for hours with a sledgehammer. With the right tools, sign installation can now be accomplished by a single worker, with much less effort...
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